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Boost Practice Performance
& Patient Engagement

BEHR Med is Puerto Rico’s first interactive EHR. Doctors can now effortlessly create patient charts, generate claims and carry out other clinical tasks by conversing with BEHR Med. It is a MACRA ready complete automation solution that efficiently connects payers, labs, pharmacies and all the other stakeholders involved in patient journey. Medical voice assistance, Blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence makes BEHR Med an ideal solution for solo practices and multi-specialty groups.  Wide range of integrated mobile health apps take care of mundane tasks and allow doctors to focus on patients. 

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Robust Dashboards


Voice Assistance



BEHR Med improves workflow as it allows you to quickly access appointments scheduled for the day and easily manage User Setup, Importing Patients, E-Prescription Setup, and Lab & Imaging Setup. Its task management module allows you to easily administer day-to-day operations. 


Naturally interact with EHR and document encounters while focusing solely on patients. “Allison”, the medical voice assistant comes with BEHR Med and allows you to interact with this software naturally, i.e. by talking. Allison helps you avoid complicated menus, excessive clicking and typing.

  BEHR Med’s built-in secure telemedicine solution offers your patients more convenience and better access to care. Start making appointments in minutes and see your patients through secure video for most routine visits. 


Customized Intake Forms


Medical Billing


Patient's Tab

Using the online check-in feature, create fully customized intake forms to auto-populate patient information into patient charts. You can view appointments by doctors and locations and have complete control with access to real time eligibility information.



With BEHR Med, manage your own billing, or outsource it to our experienced teams. Our robust revenue cycle management tools and technologies allow you to submit multiple ICD-10 compatible claims in seconds. BEHR Med has high-quality services and tools to get you paid faster.


The Patients’ tab gives you access to all your patient demographics and lets you add new patients. It keeps detailed record of medical history and provides patients convenient access to their personal health records. It also allows you to create and sign charts at the point of care.

Task Management


Electronic Prescriptions


Analytics & Business Intelligence

BEHR Med’s task management module allows you to easily administer day-to-day operations and assign responsibilities to doctors and other staff members.



BEHR Med’s easy-to-use e-prescription module allows doctors to electronically send prescriptions to participating pharmacies across the country. It enables them to track prescription fulfillment from pharmacies and efficiently manage patient medications from anywhere.



BEHR Med has built-in business intelligence and analytics modules that provide valuable clinical, financial and business insights about doctor’s practice. Significantly improve collections through powerful payment tracking features while complying with meaningful use requirements to elevate the quality of patient care.



Secure Messaging


Chronic Care Management

Built in patient app BEHR Med enables patients to conveniently access lab reports, make payments, view claims history, schedule appointments, update demographic data, keep track several providers using a single login, and much more.


It allows secure HIPAA compliant communication within your practice as well as with patients for a streamlined practice.



BEHR Med also allows you to see eligible patients, record communication and directly send out claims for “chronic care management” as per practice requirement.



Everything you need to run your practice faster and smarter.

Whether you’re a solo practice or part of a multi-specialty group, BEHR Med will work for you. Our software is ONC-ACB Certified to the latest standard, ICD-10 compliant, MACRA/MIPS Certified ready that seamlessly connects patients, payers, labs, and other members of the healthcare team. Choose from a range of integrated mobile health apps to extend the core functionality of BEHR Med and remove mundane tasks from your practice.

cloud-based EHR
that understands you

What kind of hardware and computers do I need?

Since it is a web-based software, BEHRmed just requires a computer system and access to internet. For optimal functionality of the software, we recommend the following:





8 Mb/s or higher

Screen Resolution
1280x1024 (Min: 1024x768).                    
Operating System
Windows 8 Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.10

Chrome (Recommended), Firefox

Recommended Device
iPad 3, 4, iPad Mini, and iPad Air
Google Nexus 9, Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Operating System
iOS 10, Android 5, Windows 10

Chrome (Recommended), Firefox, Safari
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Email: info@behrmed.com